Fediverse is a federation of instances that communicates with a known protocol (most "popular" isActivityPub). Anyone can start their instance and to communicate with the whole fediverse.

If not every day, instances appear and disappear often leading you to have forever gone people in your following list. Without forgetting that people can delete their account for any reason under a few clicks (unlike Facebook).

That's why I made a dumb but efficient script to know which of people you are following have deleted their account or if the instance is still online.

I wanted to keep it simple:

  • No parallel request execution;
  • No multiple trials;
  • No offline instance detection;
  • Etc.

You can find that script in my Fediverse tools repository under the name friends.exs. The README explains more or less well how to use, it's pretty simple in itself, you just need Elixir on your device and your exported following list (known as friends.csv with Pleroma).

PS: I'm not liable for sadness outputted by the script.